Anti-Bacterial CoolBags

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Who doesn’t love a bit of shopping? Whether buying a new expensive gadget, a risqué number from the latest line in fashion or simply the bare essentials from a supermarket, everyone enjoys shopping for something. Well, we here at B&G are prepared to make a bold statement- especially since England has been charging 5p for plastic bags, we are willing to bet that many of you use reusable bags or use normal plastic bags an awful lot more than you used to. The positives, of course, are many; you save a little bit of money, the environment is much more protected and there are far fewer ancient vest carrier bags flying around the place. There is, however, one clear downside to these reusable bags, and that is Hygiene.

Anti-Bacterial CoolBagsThis is not, we hasten to add, due to the bags themselves being particularly unsanitary in any way. Instead, it is well documented that a massive majority of people don’t wash or clean their reusable bags in any way whatsoever. Indeed, according to a recent study by the University of Arizona, as many as 97% of people don’t regularly, or ever, clean their bags. In addition, the study claims that 75% of people stored raw meat and vegetables in the same bag and around a third of people use their bags for anything such as meat one day than carrying magazines around the next. This is, clearly, a problem for anyone even moderately concerned with their health.

Good news then! At B&G we have got this problem, as they say, in the bag. We have developed a cutting edge cool bag that manages to reduce bacterial presence by while at the same time lasting for many years and being easily affordable. We are well aware of the dangers of these bacteria, with some of the bags in the aforementioned study even containing a presence of salmonella and-gulp- e.coli mad that is why we have started moving forward with the Anti-Bacterial CoolBags.

The bag accomplishes these feats of cleanliness thanks to our special Five Layer Thermal Insulation Film with special antimicrobial action. Of course, we are B&G are a stylish bunch and have not sacrificed form for function, and our new insulated bags have a fresh, newly updated design and a Customer Comfort Clip Close Handle, again designed by us. These improvements will soon be available to our clients and will be on sale at two major retailers in the UK, this will allow your customers food to be cleaner, safer, and cooler today!

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