Reusable Antibacterial Cool Bag

B&G & Skymark Develop Reusable Antibacterial Cool Bag

Peter Ralten Press Releases

B&G have recently released a new Antibacterial Cool Bag.

Launched in the Summer of 2016, the Antibacterial Cool Bag is a Reusable Cool Bag used to transport frozen and chilled perishable food you can use for life safely. We have created this bag as the packaging of products, like fresh Chicken, are often transported in a Cool Bag. Bacteria can be transferred, survive and thrive in bags making them a potential source of infection.

We now manufacture two versions of the bag, a high performance three layer Insulated version keeps food cool for approximately 4 hours and a high tech 2 layer version which keeps food cool for approximately 1.5 hours. The active antibacterial agent is built into the bag during the manufacturing process, so the protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the bag.

Biomaster protection does not affect the taste or smell of the bag contents in any way. In independent tests, Biomaster antibacterial bags are proven to inhibit the growth of most common types of bacteria including Campylobacter by more than 99%.

We have partnered with Skymark to develop this product and they have written a blog about here.

Find out more about our revolutionary Reusable Antibacterial Cool Bag here.