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How Packaging Sells & The Benefits of Pouches

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Any regular reader will already know B&G’s devotion to providing only the highest quality bespoke flexible packagings such as envelopes, trolley bags, insulated bags and more. Today, however, we will be focusing on one of the more exciting and potential-filled products we offer: pouches.

We all know the drudgery of shopping for food sometimes; trawling past aisles of cereal boxes, tins of fruit, bags of crisps and who knows what else. In this most crowded of marketplaces, it is extremely difficult for new products to stand out regardless of quality or even value for money. Pouches are a surefire way to increase your product’s profile on the shelf compared to rival products for a variety of reasons.

First, and most obviously, it’s something different. It’s very easy as a customer to stroll past new products if they look the same as market competitors, with most people sticking with what they know rather than taking a chance on something new. For instance, tells us that ‘Essentially humans are pretty predictable, and stores take advantage of that to get us to buy more. ‘ Pouches subvert the expectations of the customer excellently by not necessarily following traditional food packaging formats. Who said fruit needs to be stored in tins or coffee grounds in traditional glass jars? Buck the trends and make your product truly stand out amongst others.

Stand Up Pouch - B & G Products

Pouches have an obvious advantage over other forms of packaging such as tins when it comes to combating this marketplace apathy. The size and shape of our pouches allow much more space to place your graphics, text and other branding. Unlike, say, tins which have to place nutritional information, contents, graphics and all forms of branding on a very limited, curved space, pouches give you the entire front of the pouch to entice your customers with your branding with nutritional contents placed on the rear.

Of course, while the design of the pouch makes your brand more visible, they do have one more huge advantage over other packaging. Customers will notice the unique, branded packaging immediately, true, but it’s what comes after that ensures continued interest; the ability of the customer to actually see what it is that they’re purchasing. B&G have many high barrier filmic substrates available which mean Alufoil or Metalised substrates or more traditional packaging formats are not required anymore to provide the same barrier capabilities. This means customers won’t have to look at the packaging, advertisements or anything else to judge whether the product looks good, they will immediately see through the packaging and see the product they will be purchasing. This transparency between the product and customer signals utter confidence in the brand, allowing the quality of any product to sell itself.

There is one major advantage to pouches that hasn’t been mentioned yet and is arguably the greatest strength of pouches as a packaging medium. Pouches let you see the product, but most importantly of all, let you feel the product. No other variety of packaging is tactile in this way. Tins may be very well and good at ensuring food survives up until the dawning of a new world order, but customer interactivity is not their strongest suit. By allowing the customer to quite literally feel the integrity and quality of their potential, the possibility of the product being purchased goes up even further, with several sources stating that ‘One recent study found that people who touched an item felt an increased sense of ownership toward it… Once you come into contact with something in a store, you might be more willing to buy it.’ Clearly, more than any other form of packaging, pouches are more or less guaranteed to succeed in this regard, with an unparalleled amount of tactile interactivity compared to anything else.

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