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Increase Sales using Personalised Packaging

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Are you struggling to get your fledgeling product noticed amongst your competitors? Only recently got into stores and getting lost in the shuffle? Then maybe the subject of this very post is what you need to increase your market share and profits: personalised packaging. One of the most intriguing, exciting and successful marketing techniques in recent years, companies both large and small have been using this new form of advertising to great effect. Questioning just how important having someone’s name or indeed any personalised word, phrase or logo can be to improving your products reach? Read on!

Waitrose Personalised Packaging B&G Products

For a recent example of this phenomenon, one must look no further than Coca Cola’s highly successful ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. With something as simple as having the name of a customers’ friend or loved one on the bottle, sales of the beverage giant’s product increased and was shared on social media at least one billion times. The campaign was so popular and engendered so much profit that American beer brand Bud Lite immediately followed suit with NFL team themed cans and bottles, encouraging hardcore American football fans to buy a product that they may otherwise not have purchased.

Marketing and Branding experts across the world have been quick to compliment this novel marketing method and state it’s importance for businesses targeting a younger audience. For instance, Brian Rafferty, global director of research insights for branding firm Siegel+Gale, says that ‘Younger generations embrace individuality, and these personalised efforts cater to that…It makes people feel like the brand is more about them than about the brand.’ In short, those who have grown up with technology and social media are far happier with personalised purchasing experiences, as noted by Vice President of Bud Lite Alex Lambrecht, saying “Consumers – and more specifically millennials – love a customised, personalised experience, and leveraging packaging is the best way to tap into [that]”.

It would probably be better for you and your business to embrace this new method of marketing as soon as possible- It is more than likely here to stay as social networking and other entertainment forms grow more customisable as per the user’s wants and needs. Indeed, marketing magazine Admap has already embraced the term ‘era of personalisation’ in regards to branding these days, with consumer personalisation showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

You may be tempted to jump straight into inventing your new, exciting personalisation options that your customers will definitely appreciate, talk to B&G on what is possible and how to get it right! Deloitte gives the advice of “In the era of all things digital, consumers have higher expectations: they want their interactions with businesses and the products and services they buy from them to be personalised”.

So who better to turn to in order to get started with your personalised packaging than B&G? With experience creating personalised branding for Waitrose and Spar, we are the best choice for your business to enter this market and get your customers personalised!

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