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Outstanding BRC Audit

Peter Ralten Blog

We are very proud to announce that an AA grade was achieved in our recent BRC audit for BRC Global Standards Packaging & Packaging Materials, Issue 5.

B&G has always taken quality standards very seriously and since gaining our first BRC certification at grade A in 2012, our knowledge and understanding of what makes a successful quality management system has grown and developed with the BRC Audit Standard.

Following a pro-active, hands-on approach, management and staff are working effectively together to show that the practising culture of sensible quality decisions and the routine is supported throughout the company.

BRC Audit

Our policies and systems have all been brought in line with the BRC standards new issue 5 and we are continually improving to ensure we work efficiently and effectively across the board.

Everyone at the company tries their hardest to support quality management decisions which we all understand can sometimes add to the workload. Sam at B&G added “We like to work together to establish the best systems and procedures. I feel it is very important to listen to all the staff in relevant departments as, after all, a system or procedure will not work long term without the full understanding and support of the staff. We are all ecstatic with this year’s AA grade.”

B&G is in a period of growth with the addition of new pouch machines and an extension to the warehouse. This has also meant employing and training new members of production staff so it is a great benefit that we have a strong quality management system in place that can be communicated by all staff.

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