Bags & Envelopes

Insulated Bags and Envelopes - B & G Products

Reusable Envelopes and Reusable Bags

B&G manufacture many different styles of bags and envelopes. From the standard economical plain side weld, skirt side bags and mailing envelopes all the way through to digitally printed stand up pouches and insulated packaging solutions.

Many options can be added to these bags and envelopes such as:

• Mini Grip
• Self Adhesive Strips
• Tamper Evident (Security) Strips
• Clip Close Handles
• Unique Coding of each unit
• Header Seals
• Euroslot and Punch Out Handles
• Tear Lines and other Perforations (including laser)
• Bottom Loading
• Side Gusset
• Bottom Gusset
• Captive Flaps
• Slit Seal
• Bottom Weld