Driven by a desire to make an environmentally friendly stand up pouch, which can be recycled and is compostable, we have spent the last couple of years developing a solution that is credible, high performing and yet affordable. Working with EarthInks™ and HAVI, we have produced a paper with a 100% plastic free heat-sealable coating which is then formed into a preformed Stand-Up pouch which provides total food security for dry and moist food products.

EarthPouch - B&G Products

Earthpouch® is

  • Grease, water, and moisture resistant
  • Free from plastic laminates
  • Recyclable
  • Repulpable
  • Compostable
  • Sustainable
  • Option to use natural water-based inks from Earthinks™
  • Manufactured from renewable materials
  • Preformed

Suitable for dry and moist foodstuffs.

Plastic free packaging

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