Flat and Side Gusseted Pouches

Flat & Side Gusseted Pouches - B&G Products

Flat and Side Gusseted Pouches, produced by B&G products are an excellent way to pack your products in an economical way. They can be produced with 2 or 3 side seals and can be made out of material which makes the bags suitable to go into the oven.

These products are produced on state of the art kit. You can count on the pouches being leak free, of a high quality.

Flat and Side Gusseted Pouches are excellent when there is a need for single or limited size portion servings or to package samples. We are able to print digitally, utilising narrow or wide web Flexo for larger runs. This offers you the opportunity to put your logo and other information on the pouches to get greater brand exposure.

Our Team of Experts is here to help you select the best material and barrier requirements for your application, including retort. Some materials used in our pouches are: Polyester, Polyethylene, Nylon, Alu Foil, Paper and Easy Peal films.

Many options are available including sensory grip seals, punch outs and laser perforation.