Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouch - B & G Products

Our stand-up pouches provide you with more options when deciding on the packaging requirements of your products and they are very on trend!

Many companies whose products were traditionally packaged in metal tins, glass jars or cardboard cartons are making the move to pouches. Reasons for this include:

  • a more up to date look to ‘move with the times’
  • To reduce packaging waste, including adding a pouch option for refilling an original container.
  • A stand-up pouch wins’ hands down as the most efficient and versatile option.

B&G can also offer stand up pouches for microwave and ovenable applications where the products are cooked inside the bag.

We can help you to select the best material and barrier requirements for your application, including retort. Some of the materials used to make our pouches are polyester, polyethene, nylon, aluminium foil and even paper.

Our stand up pouches come in two different designs, ‘K Seal’ and ‘Doy Pack’ both resulting in a base. The K Seal creates a diagonal seal across the bottom corners of the bag to form a flat base where the Doy Pack uses a specially designed measuring tool to seal across the bottom of the whole bag creating a lovely curved finish. We can advise further on this.

When it comes to deciding how your pouches will be displayed in stores, filled with your products and then finally opened by the end user, we can offer advice if needed. There are many options which include:

  • Adding a sensory grip seal
  • Laser perforation
  • Punch-outs for hanging
  • Tear notch for single-use packaging

The print options we provide include digital, narrow and wide web flexo. This means that we can cater for very short runs and also long runs, offering more flexibility to our customers which, we understand an important factor.