An Update regarding the UK Packaging Awards

Sam Ralphs-Standring Blog

You might have seen our previous blog post where we covered how we were shortlisted for the 2017 packaging awards. Today we are going to elaborate a little more about this, and what it is exactly we were nominated for.

The UK Packaging Awards counted a record number of entries for this year. The ceremony took place on Wednesday 22nd November at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, sadly we didn’t win however we are proud to have been nominated and recognised for the developments we are making with our antibacterial cool bag.

We may not have won, but we had a great night.

Our new innovative product uses the revolutionary Biomaster Technology. This offers antibacterial protection on the inside of our cool bag against threats such as Campylobacter, Salmonella and E.coli.

The high tech 2 layer bag was introduced as an additional option for our customers. Our already popular and effective high performance 3 layer cool bag which, has foam insulation can be made using the antibacterial inner. This biomaster technology has also attracted the attention of supermarkets who have begun to implement this into the products we already offer them.

To further increase our range and promote the beneficial properties of our antibacterial cool bags, we are actively being used as part of a promotional campaign focusing on schools, encouraging the children to design their own cool bags, and also acting as a tool to promote healthy living and hygiene.